Make a Shift


I’m feeling overwhelmed with gratitude today, and I thought I’d share a little shift that I made a few years back that has really changed my life in an amazing way.

So often we think and complain about things we have to do like the dishes, cleaning the bathroom, folding laundry, going to work.

One day I made a choice to switch the words “I have to” to “I get to.”

This change in perspective and gratitude has been incredible.

Think about it. This life is a gift. I have lost several young friends who will never have the chance again to say “I get to.”  You are blessed to be able to do things!!!

Ultimately, I believe all humans crave happiness and practicing gratitude and shifting your perspective will guarantee it.

You Get To! How awesome is that? 

Read psychologist Amy Morin’s article in Psychology Today, 7 Scientifically Proven Benefits of Gratitude for more reasons to get in the habit of practicing gratitude.

Already practicing gratitude? Feel free to start a conversation and let others know how it’s helping you!

Until next time, I wish you all an abundant & wonder-full week ahead. ❤


Denise ❤

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