A Positive Vibe

Aloha! Say hello to your new positive attitude!


My name is Denise & I have created this blog to help inspire you to begin living the life you desire and deserve!

My purpose and mission are to share the benefits of incorporating positive thoughts and gratitude into your life. I want to help you take control of your thoughts and teach you tips to quiet the monkey chatter in your marvelous mind. I’ll help you begin replacing those old limiting thoughts with positive thoughts that will transform your life in the direction of your dreams.

What is the purpose of having a positive attitude or practicing gratitude?
For starters, amazing things begin to happen. Life becomes brighter and more meaningful. You begin searching for your purpose. All areas of your life improve when you begin to understand you and your thoughts.

Each week I’ll be sharing resources on personal development, yoga and meditation so come back often!

This space will be full of inspiration and I am so grateful we’ve crossed paths ❤


“We were born to make manifest the Glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us: It’s in everyone.” ~Nelson Mandela

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